How to Use PhonePe Wallet Without KYC


How to Use PhonePe Wallet Without KYC: Using the Wallet Without Registration

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PhonePe Wallet Without KYC
PhonePe Wallet Without KYC

Section 1: Introduction to Paytm Wallet

How to send and request money from Paytm Wallet?

Step 1: Visit paytm/pk with email ID and mobile number (I for “Fan”)

Step 2: Go to “Bill Now” > “Send/Request Money” > Manage bills > select “Credit Card bill (paytm)” > Click “Get unique ID” > Enter the 8 digit Paytm PIN and click “Submit”

Step 3: Select the amount you wish to transfer to your specified bank account > Enter the 7 digit Bank account number (using HMRC website) > Click “Submit” > No Credit Card necessary

Step 4: Make the payment! It may take up to 24 hours for the payment to be credited in your bank account.

Step 5: After your payment successfully goes through, you’ll receive an email from Paytm with a link to view your transaction history.

Why App Users are Looking for Ways to Transfer Paytm Wallet Balance to Bank Account without KYC

Many people have looked for ways to transfer paytm wallet balance to bank account without KYC. The reasons why people look for ways to transfer paytm wallet balance to bank account without KYC are as follows:

A banking procedure has introduced a window for paytm wallet users to download and use the latest version of the Paytm mobile application. However, the good thing with this scheme is that you don’t need to provide any KYC details or personal information at the time of downloading the application. This is actually a very simple and convenient process. In case you don’t want to use the app, it is a bit more complicated.

How to Use PhonePe Wallet Without KYC?

Let us see how we can check our account balance without KYC.

How to get phonepe wallet balance without KYC?

Step 1. Open your bank account in phonepe account.

Step 2. Tap on the Verification icon.

Step 3. Tap on 'Add Phone Payments'.

Step 4. Tap on 'Bank Verification Code'.

Step 5. Enter your bank details and submit.

Step 6. Go back and verify your bank details.

That’s it! Now your bank account has received the bank verified code.

How to withdraw phonepe wallet balance without KYC?

Step 1. Go to the Wallet section.

Step 2. Select the amount you want to withdraw.

Step 3. Enter the KYC details.

Step 4. Click on "Submit".

Now tap on "Recovery".

Step 5. Verify your phone number.

Step 6.


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