How to Sell on Paytm Mall: The Easiest Selling Process, Guaranteed


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How to Sell on Paytm Mall: The Easiest Selling Process, Guaranteed

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Section 1: Why Sell on Paytm Mall?

How to Sell on Paytm Mall?

Buyers usually search for products they are interested in. Depending on the demand, sellers can prepare different products for the same type of buyers.

For example, some buyers search for bags and some search for phones.

Buyers see the products displayed online and place their orders. Sellers receive money from buyers, after deducting their shipping costs.

Buyers want to buy these products quickly. When there are many people looking for the same products, sellers can earn by charging shipping.

The quantity and price is determined by buyers. Sellers earn money by charging the shipping cost.

All the below selling processes are for the Paytm Mall platform.

Buyers typically buy the products in small quantities.

Sellers have to prepare different products according to the demand.

How to Make Money With Paytm Mall?

The easiest way to make money with paytm mall is by displaying offers on your website and offering free shipping on all purchases. You can do this for up to three months before you start charging for orders. This can increase your sales considerably and drive the traffic to your site. On Paytm mall, you can also display coupons, promo codes, sale offers, and so on.

Paytm Mall offers several attractive cash back and promo codes when customers buy their products from your website. These can be claimed instantly after the purchase and are valid for a limited period. This is where the huge benefit comes into play. This ensures that people buy your products and keep coming back to buy them. This can fetch you profit in the long run.


With the options above, you can easily sell your products on the 3 largest e-commerce giants. The marketplace is also much safer than a marketplace seller or an online retailer because you don't have to face any delay or any mistakes. With Paytm Mall, sellers can easily sell on a more exclusive platform which gets so many sellers in a span of few hours.

To become a Paytm Mall seller, you can visit their seller website to register yourself to sell your products online. Or you can use the seller app to open an account. After registering yourself to sell on Paytm Mall, you will get a seller id which will act as a reference number for all the transactions you do.

Sellers can choose the payment method they want to use for all their online selling transactions.

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