Happy Diwali Wishes 2021,diwali wishes images,A Collection of Wishes for This Festival of Lights


Happy Diwali Wishes: A Collection of Wishes for This Festival of Lights

Happy diwali wishes,happy diwali wishes,diwali wishes images,diwali wishes in hindi,diwali wishes in english 2021

diwali wishes-happy-diwali-wishes-diwali-wishes-images-diwaliwishes-in-hindi-diwali-wishes-in-english-2021

Section 1: What is Diwali?

Diwali is the annual Hindu festival of light, that falls on the first day of the first fortnight (Rangali) of the bright half of the month of Kartika, the sacred half of the month that always begins with the new moon in the Northern Hemisphere.

Section 2: Wishes for Diwali

If you have made a wish while lighting the diya, and wish to share it with all of us, here are some wishes, that can bring a sense of peace and joy in your life.

The Importance of Diwali

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Happy Diwali Wishes

Piya in khushi kyun apni shubhkamnayein Diwali. Happy Diwali!

Diwali ki happiness. A man with no past.

Happy Diwali.

I wish you

A happy and blissful Diwali.

Happy Diwali.

Types of Diwali Wishes




Festival of Lights.



Diwali Yasht.



Ek Ladki Baaraat.


Ek Ladki Aankh Mare.


Naam Charcha

This Diwali bring people together. Here are some lovely traditional Diwali wishes to celebrate the festival of lights.

Diwali ki Saath, Ek Ladki Baaraat

‘Ek Ladki Baaraat’ is a Hindi film, which was released on 10 April 2010, starring Twinkle Khanna and Siddharth Malhotra.

Priyanka-Puneet, Priyanka-Piyush

Come, Let’s celebrate the festival of lights with the loving families. May your house be filled with smiles and blessings on this festival of lights. Happy Diwali to all.

Diwali Wishes with Images

We all love celebrating festivals and special days with friends and family. Our Diwali wishes this year will be an array of smiles. Check out our list of wishes for this Diwali. Happy Diwali 2018!

Symbol of lights, happiness and good wishes. Happy Diwali

May the festival of lights spread a smile on your face & brighten up your life.

diwali wishes, diwali wishes images,diwali wishes in hindu,diwali wishes in indian,diwali wishes in hindi,diwali wishes in english

Diwali Wishes With Images

Wish you lots of happiness and luck for this Diwali! In our list, we have some amazing pictures to make your Diwali wish count! Happy Diwali 2018

Many thanks for the many pictures that are sent to me. You'll never know how they brighten up my day and how I look forward to each one of them.

Wishes in Hindi

Happy Diwali Wishes

India is all set to celebrate this year’s Diwali on October 19, 2018. On this auspicious day, people everywhere will light diyas and candles in their houses.

I am sending you my greetings in this time of Diwali . Diwali is a festival of lights and for prosperity.

Let the light of your diyas shine brightly .

I wish you the same every day.

May this Diwali bring you the

best wishes for health and wealth.

Happy Diwali.

I have two wishes for you for this festive season.

First one is Happy Diwali to you and second is HAPPY PARTY.

May you have the best Diwali ever!

Wish you a Happy Diwali , and May you have the

best of every year.

May this festival of lights bring you happiness.

A very happy Diwali,

Wishing you a happy and prosperous Diwali.

Wishes in English

From “Aaj mujhe ekadashi ki karopey hai” to “This festive occasion is for spreading happiness”,celebrating Diwali with friends is a joy to relish. If you are not on-the-spot to share this festival with your loved ones, here are some of the most popular greetings in English.

For your loved ones

May your coming year be filled with joy, peace, prosperity and a lot of love.

May God shower his precious blessings on you.

May you be adorned with good health and wealth.

Happy Diwali!

For the perfect festive festival celebration

May the festival of lights fill your days with good cheer,

May the Lord of joy, love and peace, shower his tender blessings on you.

Happy Diwali.

For the peace and love in your life

On this auspicious occasion of Diwali, let's pray for peace, love and happiness.


Wishing you a very happy Diwali!

– May the light of prosperity and good luck shine in your life all through the year.

– May you be blessed with all the happiness and joy in the world.

– May there be peace and prosperity in the world.

– May the glow of happiness stay in your life throughout the year.

Hope you enjoyed this article and give me your feedback on my work.

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