Credit Card kya hai in Hindi | Credit Card Types

Credit Card kya hai in Hindi | Credit Card Types

Do you know what is a credit card, what is a credit card after all? Do you know, if you want to buy some item and at that time you do not have money but you can buy that item? All this is possible with a credit card!

Credit Card Types

With the help of a credit card, you can shop even when you do not have cash! You can pay the bill by credit card!

What is a credit card?

A credit card is a plastic money or a plastic card, just like a debit card is! We can also call it a credit card! A kind of loan account related to the bank can be called!

You can get a credit card made from any bank, whether it is a government bank or a private bank! For this, from whichever bank you have to get a credit card! Application has to be made in that bank, after that your documents are checked by the bank employee.

In the end, the documents given by you like Address Proof etc. are verified by the bank. And then the credit card is created!

Benefits of Credit Card – Benefits of Credit Card

NO Cash

If you use a credit card, you don't need to carry cash in your pocket! So that you will not have any fear of your money being lost or stolen!

Cash Bank Offer

If you make any purchase ie any bill payment with credit card, then you keep getting coupon codes and cash back offers under different schemes of the bank, which saves you a lot of money!

Cash Withdraw

If you do not have money and you need cash for some work in an emergency, then you can also withdraw cash from credit card! Keep in mind that each bank charges differently for this service!

How many types of credit cards are there - Types of Credit Card

There are different types of credit cards! As someone does his own business, there are separate business credit cards for them! Those who are farmers! Kishan Credit Cards are made for them. And for those who travel a lot, separate credit cards are made for them!

There are also some such credit cards in which a different kind of discount is available!

Types of Credit Card

balance transfer credit card

Rewards credit card

business credit card

student credit card

secured credit card

Subprime credit card

prepaid credit card

Standard Credit card

low-interest credit card

Limited Purpose Card

But four types of credit cards are often used in this, let us know-

1. Rewards Credit Card

You must have understood something from the rewards itself! If you are booking online bus, train or plane tickets using Credit Card in a big shopping mall, petrol pump, then there the bank gives you a separate Rewards Point separately! Here the bank also gives you cashback through credit card which is also transferred directly to your savings account or you can also use the rewards points received.

2. Balance Transfer Credit Card

Whenever your Outstanding of any bank's credit card becomes more or the bank's dues on you are increasing and you are not able to pay. So you can take Balance Transfer Credit Card from the bank. With this card you can reduce the outstanding amount. With this type of credit card, you get 6 to 21 days. But you have to pay 5% Balance Transfer fee here. You can transfer money only 2 times in a month.

3. Low Interest credit card

We mostly use this type of credit card. Whenever you use any credit card, the bill that comes in the form of it, you have to pay less interest there, you also have to pay any late fee, even then you have to pay less interest. Most people use this type of credit card for business, or people who do jobs.

4. Secured Credit Card

If ever there is more transaction than any bank and then you are not able to return it, then your credit score gets spoiled in the banking system. Here if you apply for a loan from any bank, then the bank gives you a loan under Secured Credit Card,

But some objective items are secured by the bank with them, due to which your credit score also becomes correct. After some time, when you give all the money to the bank, after that you can use any other credit card.


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