Banned whatsapp ko Unbanned kaise kare | banned whatsapp kaise khole

 "Banned whatsapp ko Unbanned kaise kare"  banned whatsapp kaise khole.Know "how to restart banned WhatsApp".There have been so many platforms on social media these days,

 where in today's time, a common person does not even sit face to face and talk to anyone. If someone has to talk or do some work, then they resort to apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. Although all these apps have been made for the convenience of the people, but there are some people who use them wrongly, due to which those who are right and honest people also have to pay compensation for it. Is your WhatsApp also closed?

Are you unable to run WhatsApp on your phone? Has there been a problem with your WhatsApp due to which you are not able to send or view messages? Today we are going to tell you through our article if your WhatsApp has been closed then how can you turn it back on?

The reason for your WhatsApp being closed…

If WhatsApp running from your phone has stopped, then let's know what can be the reasons behind it.

Spreading any such rumor from WhatsApp which is not true, due to which your WhatsApp can be closed.

 If you are harassing a person again and again and again and again without his consent, then he can block or report your number due to which your WhatsApp may stop working.

If you are spreading any such message through your WhatsApp, due to which people are upset and about 10 people have blocked or reported your WhatsApp, due to this the WhatsApp running on your number can be stopped.

In today's time there are many WhatsApp alternates on social media, if you use any of them WhatsApp's alternate like WhatsApp Gold, GB WhatsApp etc. then your normal WhatsApp is banned.

prevent whatsapp from closing

If you want your WhatsApp to be created then do not forget to follow these rules.

If someone is refusing to message you and you are harassing him again and again then stop messaging him because if that person will report or block your WhatsApp then your WhatsApp may be closed.

If you spread any false message or rumor through your WhatsApp and the WhatsApp community comes to know about it, then your WhatsApp can be banned.

Keep in mind that you do not spread any such thing while using your WhatsApp and do not harass anyone repeatedly in such a way that they block or report you.

If you have any WhatsApp alternative app downloading in your phone, then uninstall it now because your normal WhatsApp can be banned because of that app.

You can take help of our youtube video to fix ben whatsapp again.

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