The Top 10 Roblox Quiz Answers to Win Robux 2021-22


The Top 10 Roblox Quiz Answers to Win Robux

Roblox Quiz Answers 2021How many items can a cashier BFF place in 1 bag Bloxburg quiz?

Who is the real owner of Bloxburg?

Is Bloxburg really becoming free?

Who made Bloxburg?

Section 1: Quiz Answer

1. There are 4 wheelers in Bloxburg.

2. Car Bloxburg is free

3. High Fives is for any player that makes it to the top of the mini-boss 100 times in a day

4. Robux is used to purchase items in the game.

5. 1-Up is a clothing item

6. The head chef and her best friend are really Zephus and Komikar.

7. The lifeguard in the pool is Isla and Maybelle.

8. Bloxburg really is free. The ransom is cash.

9. There is a giant fire breathing monster.

10. Bloxburg really is free.

Section 2: Robux Quiz

1. How much money are you owed if you made it to the top of Bloxburg’s mini-boss 1,000 times?

2. The bar owner and his best friend in Bloxburg are actually Warhorns, the wild creature, and Blair.

Question One

1) How many items can a cashier BFF place in 1 bag Bloxburg?



2) Who is the real owner of Bloxburg?



3) Is Bloxburg really becoming free?


1) Which one of these two towns is the fictional town of Cosa Nostra in GTA V?

Bodega 1

Butcher’s Shop 5


2) Who made Bloxburg?



3) Is Bloxburg really becoming free?

No! There’s a traffic jam. Can you get out before the police come?

Go to the top of the stairs, go to the platform in front of the steamroller, go into the alley and get to the safehouse. The police just told the guard.

Go back to Cosa Nostra to get out of Bloxburg!

On the road back to Cosa Nostra?

Yes, I think so, but check again.

Question Two

Which is the real owner of Bloxburg?

Answer Key to Questions 2 and 3

Update 13-07-17

Want to see the Quiz ending?

Here it is – 0 for 8… Not very impressive but hey, you can’t win them all. Good luck!

Update 15-09-17

Watch our creator video making a Quiz that randomly reveals who is the owner of Bloxburg

What If There Were No Questions


What is the name of the developer who made all the puzzles in the games?

Name the developer who was taking over Bloxburg and make a Quiz about it.

Name the developer who is the original owner of Bloxburg and make a Quiz about it.

Question Three

Question Four


We hope you have enjoyed the list and do not forget to comment about your favorite video game trivia.

Until next time, stay chill.


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